lunedì 5 novembre 2018

Grottorotondo: MTB excursion at sunset

A beautiful MTB excursion with our guests, John from England and Stefan from Germany.

  • Distance: 25 Km
  • Total ascent: 1.000 mt
  • Highest point: 1.056 mt
  • Rideable: 90%
  • Unpaved and Single Track: 40%
  • Difficulty: medium / high
Le Capanne, Calomini, Brucciano, Eglio, Sassi, Piglionico, Grottorotondo, Forcone, Vergemoli, Le Capanne.

Calomini Flanked on the south side by a precipice under which the famous hermitage stands and on the north side by a vast area of farmland. Calomini runs along a crest that climbs up to the peak looking over the valley. Farming is the main economic activity.

Brucciano A small group of houses perched on a ridge and dominated by the strongly-built structure of a big church. A wide view extends over the valley.

Eglio A small farming village situated on the hillside near Sassi. There’s a tiny theatre amongst the houses in the centre which is maybe even smaller than the one in Vetriano Pescaglia, which is famed for being the smallest in the world.

Sassi The urban area of this large hamlet is particularly opulent, with elegant buildings denoting a well-structured architecture. Everything is dominated by an ancient church that stands on a ridge that looks straight down onto the Turrite Secca Valley. The characteristic bell tower, facing in a prominent position on a precipice which dominates the valley of the Turrite Secca torrent, can be seen from almost all of Garfagnana.

Vergemoli Situated in a scenic position on a hill flanked by deep channels. Vergemoli is distinguished mainly by its immaculate little streets that wind amongst the houses. The parish church with a nave and two aisles is impressive, and from the churchyard, (like many other parts of the town) there is a wonderful view of the mountain Pania Secca, and the Turrite di Gallicano Valley below. Every year an extemporary poetry competition is held and the subject is always chosen by a special committee at the last minute.

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