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The Parade of Rione Monticello

The Parade of Rione Monticello
Bringing it all back.......heart-stopping moments.

English Translation by Tom Murray

Marcel Proust, one of the greatest writers of all time, argued that the search for a lost time is done through the use of memory. And that through that memory we can relive past moments simply by creating associations with certain sensations.
For Proust, the taste, after an absence of many years, of a “madaleine”, a typical French sweet, brought back to his mind the happy times of his childhood spent in the company of his ill aunt, as is explained in his book “ In Search of Lost Time”.He offers the theory that there are two methods, or basis, for the recovery of the past: voluntary memory or spontaneous memory.
The “voluntary memory” brings back to mind all of the information from the past but in logical terms, without the influence of any feelings or sentiments which marked those moments as unrepeatable for us.
Contrary to this the “spontaneous or accidental” memory is what characterises this year’s theme. It is the memory which is brought back to us by a casual feeling, or sentiment, which allows us to instantly travel back in time, through a spontaneous and uncontrollable process, enabling us to instantly “see” again that past in its own context......bringing it all back.
This is “the heart-stopping moment” the true, or real, technique which allows us to regain those feelings and sensations buried in a lost time.
The involuntary memory captures a feeling, or an impression, of the precious essence of life and provides a
detailed explanation of a memory left behind in our youth. All of our senses are awakened by the taste of a sweet....... or thanks to the sound of a melody, the sight of an object, the scent of a fragrance.
This fortuitous and random process, that forcefully brings back everything, allows us a victory over time and seeks to assert within ourselves the human resilience to recover that time.
The repetition of images, sounds, and sensations of the recent past is what characterises this entire parade. Magical moments forged by music, sensations triggered by unique characters and symbols, and moments of unparalleled excitement created by visions and objects.
A sudden reversal of a “U” to commemorate a lost past outside of the dimensions of real time... bringing it all back.

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