mercoledì 16 luglio 2014

Palio di San Jacopo 2014: Zoo is here!

Borgo Antico presents: Zoo is here.

They are trapped, trailed and imprisoned in an uncontrollable vortex. Like beasts, they are behind bars, they are observed, ignoring a different world, where they could express themselves. 
Trapped in a zoo, devoured by shadows. Darkness, thunderous noises prevent them from acting and rebelling. 
Their world is colourless, in the darkness. But a whisper could be enough, a turned key could change the situation; a key that could free them. They have to find courage to open the gate. 
 Each animal, when free, will stay and will be part of a free world without boundary.

Bufali presents:

Zoo is here… everywhere… around us.

Ideas, words, thoughts and knowledge are in the world web. This great zoo is here, now! A parallel world in which mankind surfs without pause: http, html, chat, forum and social network all ready to flood our inquiring mind. 
Users find themselves in a labyrinth with lots of possibilities: meet people all over the world, acquired knowledge, through logging in and logging out.
A revolution that rules our life. Does web free us or oppress us? Does it enriches us or makes us miserable?
19th century was the century of masses while now we live in the century of Individuals.
People have to use web consciously, not being dependent or hypnotised.
It’s possible that this zoo will free us, but only if we manage to free it.
A virtual word in which people meet up, greet each other and chat. They live with the desire of knowledge… but at the end, to meet in the square, in front of the fountain under the same starry sky!

Monticello presents: Zoo is here

Daniele was in a field that day.
Insects had destroyed his vegetables and he was in a bad mood. He leaned his back against a big cherry tree and he looked at the village in the twilight: it was wonderful! He heard the sound of silence: even flies stopped to fly.
Then he heard a low and violent rumble that came from the centre of the earth. The rock of the big armadillo started to tremble.
The scream of men and women rose high up in the sky to form a vortex of fear and terror. Houses and trees vibrated. Daniele went home and he was afraid of not finding it.
Clouds, like sheep that come back to the fold, formed a grey vault. In the valley the houses’ lights turned on as a handful of fireflies. Quiet is interrupted by the rain and cats started to scratch their ears.
Andrea got up to shut the window and looked out: a gust of wind shook him, the rain was falling harder and darkness fell on everything.
In the distance an owl hooted announcing change. A crocodile woke up and stretched. Opened his big eyes and started moving and it got bigger as it ate what it found on his path. Andrea got dressed and went down the stairs, in that moment the violence of the water destroyed Andrea’s house. And nothing was the same.
Like a chameleon, the man changed his clothing: blue as a tranquil night of summer, red strenght, orange not to give up, green for hope and yellow for rebirth.
Women and men like industrious ants and diligent bees rebuilt what the earthquake and the flood have destroyed. People like the fighting cock, that symbolised their community, pushed the sun up high in the sky.
Daniele e Andrea opened the windows and looked at the valley and the joyful sky.
The bird flocks twirling, the hovering of the butterflies, the dance of the swans, the parade of the peacocks and the croaking of the frogs announced the armistice with Nature.

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